2021 Melges 24 World Championship will take place as scheduled in Charleston, SC

February 5, 2021 – Charleston, SC, USA – The Executive Committee of the IM24CA has had multiple conversations and has made the decision to proceed as planned with the 2021 World Championship in Charleston, SC USA. 

Dear Melges 24 sailors,

I am pleased to confirm that we are proceeding with the 2021 World Championship, in April as scheduled in Charleston, SC.  Registration is open – please register

Piret Salmistu, our international class coordinator and Randy Draftz, the regatta chair can issue invitations to sailors who need them to come to the Worlds and will help interested teams make their plans.  Please note that that there is currently no quarantining requirement to enter South Carolina or the adjoining US states.

There are charter boats available – check out the USM24CA website.  And, if you have a boat, consider listing it for charter.

In order to proceed with this event during these unusual times, the event will strictly comply with COVID protocols for the safety of all concerned. Social celebrations and gatherings will not be held, and all participants are encouraged to employ the greatest consideration for everyone’s health.

Nothing is usual now and, frankly, as much as we all want a return to our old normal, we are experiencing a new normal and will have a yet unknown future new normal.  But sailing and sailboat racing will continue to be an important part of our lives, of that, I am certain.  And, your class leadership will do our collective best to continue to provide opportunities for our sailors to race.

My deepest thanks to Randy Draftz for sticking with the Melges 24 class and organizing the Worlds.  And, my thanks to the Executive Committee and our supporters for their thoughtful comments and questions to reach this point.

My best to all of the sailors and supporters of our class!

Laura Grondin
IM24CA Chair