Sailing Conditions

Race Course

The courses would be set in the Atlantic Ocean in the area just south of the harbor jetties, and in Charleston Harbor, if requested.

During the days proposed for the regatta, the tides will be high in the morning, which is ideal for competitors to sail out of the harbor to the offshore race course. For each days initial race, the tide will be slack. The later races and the subsequent transit back to the marina will take place on a flood tide, an ideal scenario for maximizing the time available for competition.

Average Conditions for April:

High Temperature – 76
Low Temperature – 54
Wind speed – 14/15 knots
Water Temperature – 68
Wind Direction – South/Southwest
Rainfall per month – 2.7 inches


During May, the Charleston area enjoys a predictable seabreeze, and the racing agenda will be scheduled to take maximum advantage of this.

Temperate weather and warm 60 to 80 degree temperatures makes spring one of the best times to visit Charleston. And excellent sailing conditions and facilities have helped Charleston earn itself a new moniker as the Sailing Capital of the South.

Sailflow will provide wind and weather data for the regatta. Using WeatherFlow’s smart phone wind meters, committee boats will be able to provide real-time wind measurements from the marks on the course and submit reports to SailFlow along with any additional information they observe (wave heights, gust factors, shiftiness of the winds, currents, etc.) Those readings will then be available via the Onsite Reports map on the SailFlow website and mobile applications. This provides the race committee and competitors unparalleled real time conditions for making better decisions.

Melges 24 Worlds 2020 - Race Courses in Charleston