Launching, Hauling, Storage, Transportation

Launching and Hauling:

James Island Yacht Club:  Contact: Steven Shapiro Cell: 843 345 2040 Email:
Charleston Yacht Club: Contact: Merrick Earle Cell: 404 441 6768 Email:
Carolina Yacht Club: Contact: Nate Sucher   Cell: 251 209 6313 Email:


High & Dry Boat Works Contact: Kurt Oberle Cell: 843 224 1615 Email:
VMG Boatworks LLC   Contact: Will Van Cleef Cell: 843 469 8946

Mast Up Storage between Sperry Charleston Race Week and World Championship:

James Island Yacht Club: Contact: Steve Shapiro   Email:


Sail22:    Ed Furry     Cell: 616 304 8312  (WhatsApp)  Email:
Peter Hamm             Cell: 843 696 0278    Email: 

Please contact the above directly to sort your logistical needs.

If you run into an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly:

Randy Draftz    Cell  843 557 6082  (WhatsApp)  or Email