Stanchion Height Rule Change - Important Information

 Sperry Top-Sider Melges 24 World Championship 2013; photo: Pierrick Contin

At the 2013 IMCA World Council AGM the rule change proposal to reduce the height of the stanchions (already approved in outline at the 2012 AGM) was ratified. Subject to approval by ISAF this rule change will be introduced on 1 January 2014.



Two Factory supplied 

stanchions either side with

hiking line





Underside of hole in

stanchion above deck 





Various proposals had been submitted to the meeting on this subject. Peter Goekel reported back on the Technical Committees findings on this subject and there was discussion around the table on the correct wording for the rule and the need to protect the one design of the boat (ie that allowing two different heights of stanchion or a variety of heights would not be appropriate). Federico Michetti drew the meetings attention to the detail in the Builder's Report highlighting that a low cost retrofit kit is available for those who do not wish to purchase a new set of stanchions.

Sailors are reminded that there are three possible options when reducing the height of their stanchions to meet the new rule:

1) by purchasing new stanchions, to be ordered from Melges Performance Sailboats
2) by adapting existing stanchions using the official retrofit kit, to be ordered from Melges Performance Sailboats
3) Reducing the old stanchions to the new height by cutting the tube and welding the original head back onto the tube at the new height = Please note that it cutting the existing stanchions and welding on new (non original) heads or other materials is NOT allowed.

Below please see a useful video produced by Technical Committee Member Jan Schmidt which demonstrates the correct technique for cutting and welding existing stanchions.