2017 Melges 24 NorAm Championship (North Americans), July 19-22 Cascade Locks, Oregon

2017 Melges 24 NorAm Championship

June 5, 2017 - Cascade Locks, Oregon, USA - In less than two months the Melges 24 class will be rolling into Cascade Locks, Oregon for Stage 2 of the NorAm Tour - The 2017 Melges 24 NorAm Championship (the North Americans).  

 Melges 24 Nor Am Champ 2017

The breathtaking scenery, and warm solid breeze of the Columbia River Gorge will cause a transformation to most. For at least 4 days people will shift to an exhilerating, yet simpler existence. Half of the fleet will choose to camp so they can take this unearthly garden all in each night, too.   

Just a couple-hundred meter sail from the dock is the race course world-renowned for its elevator-assisted beats followed by screaming 24-knot runs. The wind and water will be warm, so we’ll not need much beyond a pair of shorts, food & water and a PFD. Following each epic day of sailing teams will return to the Cascade Locks Marine Park for cold refreshments, some locally caught salmon and live acoustic music. 

The only complication will come at the end of the week when we decide to sell the house and move everything to the Gorge. 

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