Measurement Process

Please find here the Measurement Schedule including the boats chosen for Full Inspection only. The Sail Inspection will be done as you go there.

NOTE!  – The craning will be free of charge for all participating boats since October 2nd to 7th until 18:00. Due to the technical reasons the crane will not operate on October 3rd between 8 am till midday.



In case your boat has been selected for a Full Inspection:

You are asked to move your boat close to the Measurement Area in the Marina di Villasimius boat yard (big shed) at the time and date indicated in the above. Minimum 2-3 crew members are requested to help during the inspection.

The inspection may include: boat weighing, appendages position and weighing, other measurements.

Please be ready to go under the crane as follow:

  • the boat should stay on the trailer
  • remove these equipment from the boat: sails, engine, bracket and fuel can, anchor chain and warp, manual bilge pump, bucket and lanyard, compass and timing devices if not permanently fixed
  • dry the boat properly  (the keel-crane slot too)
  • the mast should be lowered on the boat
  • the boom shall stay on the boat but ready to be taken off, we may need to measure it later
  • Keel Crane is to remain on the trailer
  • prepare straps; show these items to the Equipment Inspector, we need to calculate the tare
  • the rudder complete with tiller should be on board, ready to be taken off, we may weigh it
  • if the serial number of the fin keel is not visible, be ready to remove its  head-plate and/or the derlin

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to ask the Chief Measurer Gabor Csernussi (in English) @ +36 309 331840 or Chief Equipment Inspector Branko Parunov (English/Italian) @ +386 51 301 053

For the Sails Inspection:

The sails will be inspected in in the Marina di Villasimius boat yard (big shed).
Sails shall be already certified: if not, they will be refused.

Be prepared with:

  1. The Sail Measurement Form properly filled (see drawing attached)
  2. The jib zip closed
  3. Jib battens removed from their pockets
  4. Wet sails will be refused!

Measurement Certificates:

In case you haven’t yet, please send the Measurement Certificate of your boat to the e-mail of the IM24CA Administrator preferably before the registration starts (by Friday, October 4th evening).

Also – please let me know if you have any question, problems, missing documents etc regards the Measurement Certificates. Let’s solve them as shortly as possible.

If you have any questions about the measurement process, Event Chief Measurer Gabor Csernussi together with Chief Equipment Inspector Branko Parunov are willing to answer and help on spot.

Thanks a lot for your help and co-operation!