LAT. 39°07’44″ NORTH  –  LON. 9°30’44″ EAST

The Marina of Villasimius is located in the Capo Carbonara Protected Marine Area amidst stretches of sandy beaches, on Sardinia’s southeast coast, in a unique village in all of the Mediterranean. See more

This stunning territory is an example of integration between tourism and respect for the landscape and the port is considered one of the best marinas of the world. In addition to relaxing in the sun and being lulled by the waves, visitors can enjoy the area’s many different activities, the reserve’s amazing flora and fauna and discover that in Villasimius, nature and enjoyment are imbued with the sea.

The coastline between Villasimius and Cagliari offers breathtaking views: white sand beaches, crystal-clear bays and promontories covered with lush vegetation.

You can easily choose a different beach every day.

Villasimius - photo © Zerogradinord