Jens Wathne - IM24CA Chairman

Position Chairman
Nationality Norwegian
Responsibility To run the IM24CA on a daily basis. Jens leads the class at the AGM and coordinates the class on the international level, leads the Executive Committee since the elections at the AGM in Milan 2014.
Active in the class Ownes Melges 24 since 2000 and is racing both in Europe and in US. 
Favourite place to sail Key West or any windy place with a good competition and waves. 
Aim Keep the Melges 24 as the best one design class of its size. Promote attendance in all NCAs and help Corinthians to race. Important for the class - high quality racing with great management at the top class venues.

Jens Wathne's CV

Jens Wathne

Jens Wathne