Extraordinary General Meeting of IM24CA on November 6th

EGM 2015

October 30, 2015 - Although the AGM 2015 process is well underway the Executive Committee of the International Melges 24 Class Association has decided to call for the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The EGM will be held according to the IMCA constitution on Friday the 6th of November 2015.

Please find an official Invitation HERE as PDF document 

The existing constitution originates to the early 1990s and is in many points out of date. 

Please find HERE our new proposal for the International Melges 24 Class Association Constitution. This is a standard ISAF constitution template modified to our needs. Has been already approved by ISAF Technical Committee. But needs the IM24CA's EGM decision to be officially approved by ISAF. The EGM is the democratic process to get the approval to the new constitution from all NCAs.  

Agenda and process for this upcoming EGM on November 6 

1. Date: Friday 6th of November   
2. Time:  8pm UK time   
3. Place / how to participate: Skype 
4. Who can participate: One member appointed by each officially recognised NCA (inform IMCA who will be present) 
5. Meeting procedure:    

a. Please inform Class Administrator Ms Piret Salmistu before Thursday 5th November 1pm UK time who will participate and with what skype address. 
b. If a NCA cannot participate please inform Ms Piret Salmistu who will get the proxy 
c. If a NCA (no single person can do a motion) has any motions for the constitution please send them before Thursday 5th November 1pm UK to Ms Piret Salmistu 
d. All participating NCAs will be called on Friday 6th at 8pm UK time by Ms Piret Salmistu 
e. In the skype call we´ll first check that all NCAs are represented. 
f. All sent motions for the new constitution will be read through at the specific point 
g. The IM24CA chairman will go the new proposed constitution through point by point and get an approval from each NCAs. Please use the skype message to give your vote as following style at each point: “Point 8. Approved. GER NCA”   

6. After meeting: 
All approved motions will be taken in the constitution and to ISAF. To be confirmed before the 2015 AGM.    


! READ the new constitution and BE READY IN ADVANCE for the meeting.
!! During the skype call please do not talk at the same time as someone is. 
!!! If you are not in a quiet place please use mute  

Don´t hesitate to ask Tomi Hakola or Piret if you have something on your mind regarding the EGM. 

EGM2015 invitation