It's Time To Renew Your Membership of the International Melges 24 Class Association

2017 is underway and it means a renewal of the membership for the International Melges 24 Class Association on our website .

As per Constitution 14.4 under paragraph Financial Matters of IM24CA: „ Member National Class Associations shall pay a fee for each paid up member of their Association. These fees shall be payable at the end of each quarter in respect of their membership fees received in that quarter. The amount of the fee shall be decided by the World Council.“ 
According to the 10.6 under paragraph Membership – „
 Proof of class membership shall be only by listing on the IM24CA website. The NCA’s shall be quarterly fully responsible for maintaining the lists of their class members, their boats and boat certificates to IM24CA website. Access to the IM24CA membership edit area shall be provided to the nominated NCA representative by the IM24CA.“

A full membership fee is 100 Euros since 2015 and since then there's implemented a voluntary fee of 10 Euros for those Associate Members participating at the international regattas. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please kindly ask your Natinal Class Administrators to take care of renewing your membership to be valid for racing at the International Melges 24 class regattas. According to the Melges 24 Class Rule B.2.1.: The owner and helmsman shall be a current member of their NCA or, where there is no NCA in his country, a member of the ICA or and NCA nominated by the ICA.

The membership editing system is ready to go on the website and you can add your 2017 members. 

If you have any questions or need more information about the above please don't hesitate to contact Tomi Hakola, International Melges 24 Class Treasurer @ e-mail or Piret Salmistu, International Melges 24 Class Administrator @

If there are any changes in your stuff of Class Administrators, please help us to update our contact list. The current list you can see here


Melges 24 Membership Renewal