Executive Committee

The International Melges 24 Class Association World Council meets annually. It comprises representatives of each of the National Melges 24 Class Associations plus representatives from the Class builders. The IM24CA World Council is responsible for electing an IM24CA Executive Committee, which takes charge of the day-to-day management of the class on the World Council's behalf.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, two Vice Chairman, three Ordinary Members, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Chairman of the Technical Committee. In addition a Builder’s Representative will be appointed by the builder’s to represent them on the Executive Committee. The Builder’s Representative will be a non-voting position. In the event that a simple majority cannot be reached, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. Should a member of the Executive Committee not fulfil their term of office for any reason, their vote IM24CA Constitution shall not be transferred to any other member. The Executive Committee may fill any casual vacancies among the officers and any persons so appointed shall hold office until the next AGM. See the IM24CA's Constitution paragraph 5 & 6

In addition the IM24CA Executive Committee currently employs four part time professional staff to assist them in the management of the class (Benedek Fluck, John Abel, Antonio Cardona Espin and Piret Salmistu). These professional staff members have no voting rights.

IM24CA Executive Committee 

1. Laura Grondin USA - Chair 
2. Duncan Stamper CAN - Vice Chairman Americas
3. Miles Quinton GBR - Vice Chairman Europe
4. Laura Grondin USA - Acting Treasurer 
5. Paul Krak Arntson USA - Member North America
6. Michael Tarabochia GER - Member Europe  
7. Kevin Nixon AUS - Member Asia Pacific 
8. Peter Göckel GER - Acting Chairman of the Technical Committee 

IMCA Executive Committee Members

Laura Grondin - Chair

+1 (860) 922-4235
Im24Cachair [at] gmail [dot] com

West Hartford, CT (Connecticut)

Duncan Stamper - Vice Chairman Americas

+1 250 812 7723
duncan [dot] stamper [at] shaw [dot] ca

Victoria, British Columbia

Miles Quinton - Vice Chairman Europe

+44 7764 959540
+44 20 7202 3957
miles [dot] quinton [at] uk [dot] ibm [dot] com

London, United Kingdom

Laura Grondin - Acting Treasurer

lgrondin [at] htco [dot] com

West Hartford, CT (Connecticut)

Paul Krak Arntson - Member North America

+1 (530) 448-0504
krak [at] arntsondesign [dot] com

405 North Lake Blvd, #203
Tahoe City, CA 96145-6568 USA

Michael Tarabochia - Member Europe

+49 163 7472760
mtarabochia [at] mlt-law [dot] de

Munich, Germany

Kevin Nixon - Member Asia Pacific

+61 419296899
balanka [at] bigpond [dot] net [dot] au


Peter Goeckel - Acting Chairman of the Technical Committee

+49 8192 99 69 737
p [dot] goeckel [at] t-online [dot] de

Eichelgarten 13
D-86926 Greifenberg

IMCA Staff Members

John Abel - IM24CA Championship Coordinator Western Hemisphere / Pacific Rim

+1 250 380-8989
johnabel [dot] sailing [at] gmail [dot] com

5164 Del Monte Avenue,
Victoria, BC, Canada V8Y 1X2

David Bartol - IM24CA Championship Coordinator Europe

+386 41 667 518
david [dot] bartol [at] cromasistem [dot] eu

Portoroz, Slovenia

Branko Parunov - Melges 24 Chief International Measurer & Technical Advisor

+386 51 301053
branko [at] skipper [dot] si

Portoroz, Slovenia

Piret Salmistu - IM24CA Administrator & Media Coordinator

+372 50 77217
piret [at] melges24 [dot] com

Pirita tee 17
11911, Tallinn