2015 Melges 24 World Council AGM Minutes

International Melges 24 Class Association


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hotel Scandic Front - 21 Skt. Annæ Plads, DK-1250 Copenhagen, Denmark


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Voting Delegates:






Jens Wathne




Michael Schineis

Vice Chairman, Europe



Brian Hutchinson

Vice Chairman, US - interim



Michael Good

Executive Committee Member, Europe



Warwick Rooklyn

Executive Committee Member, Asia Pacific



Duncan Stamper

Executive Committee Member , North America



Tomi Hakola

Executive Committee Member , Treasurer



Peter Göckel

Technical Committee Chairman



Kevin Nixon




Marc Wain Pedersen




Michael Tarabocchia




Andrea Racchelli




Jan-Inge Hellesmark




Tomas Skalen




Miles Quinton



Non-voting Delegates:





Luisa Bambozzi

Melges Europe


Alice Zorzi

Melges Europe / Melges 24 Italian Class


Kim Fogde

Melges 24 Danish Class


Jan Schmidt

Tech Comm Member Europe – Melges 24 German Class


Felix Weidling

Kieler Yacht-Club


Diogo Diniz

GAC Pindar


David Fleischer



Piret Salmistu

IM24CA Administrator & Media Coordinator

Apologies were received from: 
Egidio Babbi – IM24CA Chief Measurer 
Hank Stuart – IM24CA Championship Coordinator 
Heath Walters – Melges Asia Pacific, Australia 
Federico Michetti – Melges Europe 

1. Arrival

2. Chairman’s Introduction and Report 
Chairman Jens Wathne welcomed the delegates to the meeting, thanking everyone for attending, and for all their vital volunteer work in support of the International Melges 24 Class.  Jens started with the Chairman’s Report being in this role for one year now. He thanked all the National Class Administrators for their commitment to carry on Melges 24 development in their countries. Major step made was approving the new improved IM24CA’s constitution according to the ISAF template by the Extraordinary General Meeting in the beginning of November. ISAF has ratified the new Constitution just before the AGM and AGM will be held complying with the new document already.

The next major step will be updating IM24CA’s Regatta Regulations documents early in 2016. Arto Kiiski from Finland together with Exec Comm members has put into this a lot of hours work already. The documents reflect the 20-years history of the Melges 24 class but some updates needed to be made to be modernized and to work more efficiently.  IM24CA is happy to welcome Chilean Class with more than 20 boats as a new official member of the IM24CA representing the new continent – South America.

Jens was happy to announce that the decreasing of the membership numbers has stopped – full membership is up 8% comparing to 2014. Previous years the economy situation has influenced both membership numbers and racing, but the class and class officers are here to support the sailors sailing under Melges 24 insignia. Big title championships are very important for the class – for example the Worlds in Middelfart saw 95 teams, including 56 Corinthian teams. 2016 Miami Worlds will be very important for the growth in US – 85 boats one year before the event is a very good sign! 2016 Europeans in Hyeres will be the same important in Europe and the registration has started to this event as well. European Sailing Series saw 124 teams participating and travelling all around the Europe – this is also great commitment! For 2016 the comments how to make better series have been revised and from the list of eleven bids the events, some combined with the Audi tron Sailing Series, will decided at the AGM.

From technical side only few proposals will be discussed at the AGM which means that the boat is working quite well.

Jens did mention the importance of the communications for the class. The class is available on all social media platforms and at normal website. It’s important for NCA’s to give the stories, photos and videos to the IM24CA to be shared to be visible and promoted. Jens highlighted our more than 20 years history as the cornerstone and advantage to promote the class.

Executive Committee has an aim to have one meeting per month as leading this class. Several meetings with different NCA’s have been held to explore what’s going on around the globe in this class and this process will continue. Summing this up Jens was happy to admit that the future of the class is bright.

Jens welcomed the new members of the Executive Committee: Brian Hutchinson as interim Vice Chairman US; Michael Good as Member Europe; Duncan Stamper North America. Also he welcomed the new World Council members: Marc Wain Pedersen from Denmark, Michael Tarabocchia from Germany, Steven Boho from US. The class appreciates a lot their voluntary commitment in their countries and to the IM24CA.

Treasurer Tomi Hakola introduced the voting rights and numbers per NCA’s, Executive Committee members and participants and the voting procedure, which was approved by the AGM unanimously. See the vote numbers here

National Class Reports 
Jens highlighted the fact that the decreasing of membership numbers has been stopped and seeing also new class members (more than 20) from Chile is great. Also it’s great to highlight the picking up numbers in US and new start for the UK, where they have 10 boats. IM24CA has confirmed receipt of the formal National Class Reports, as below and they are available for reading online.

It was proposed by Miles Quinton that better availability about the boats on sale on the IM24CA website is needed. 

Minutes Of The Last Meeting 
Acceptance of the Minutes of the 2014 Meeting as a correct record of the meeting was proposed by Michael Schineis, seconded by Tomi Hakola and approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report 
Treasurer Tomi Hakola presented the Treasurer’s Report together with a Budget Proposal 2016
The financial figures 2015 presented at the AGM were cut down on November 17, 2015 and have been prepared as since 2011 by a third party company based in Helsinki based on the Finnish and EU laws. Last years have been a bit like a rollercoaster ride – 2013 a huge surplus, 2014 a big deficit and now 2015 a small surplus. Good lift up in incomes comparing with many past years – raising 10€ the affiliation fee gave us more than 4,000 Euros. Majority of the income comes from the sail royalties (included in the sails price and paid to us by sail lofts) and class affiliation fees (paid full members’ fees). ISAF royalties come from the boats built – 10 new boats built in Melges Performance Sailboats (MPS) in 2015. Builder (MPS) will pay a fee from every built boat to ISAF and IM24CA will get around 250 Euros automatically from this fee.

Number of members in 2015 vs 2014 (paid full members) – increase from 251 in 2014 to 272 in 2015. International up 8%, Scandinavia up 7%, Sweden up 50%.  By paid members USA is back again as the greatest nation (last time in 2009), Germany second, Norway third, Denmark fourth and Italy the fifth.
Full members share per regions: Central Europe 64%; Scandinavia 23,2%; US/CAN/Chile 30,1%; Asia/Pacific 5,9%.  
Sail royalties per loft – two in top: North Sails 69,9%; Quantum 18,6%. 
2014 was the year of transition from Fiona to Piret, explaining the difference in personnel costs 2015 vs 2014. At the same time, we did not use Justin Chisholm in 2015 and instead the expenses for Zerogradinord have been increasing and class has been flying Piret around Europe to do the communications and media. 
Class administrative expenses -13% vs 2014  Media expenses -24% vs 2014  
The overall decrease in expenditures is -16% vs 2014 (in 2014 +4.8% vs 2013) 
Balance sheet and especially the current cash assets (over 25 000€) makes IM24CA’s financial life easy.  
“As the secretary / treasurers perspective I´m really looking forward in hitting the pedal for 2016!”  Michael Schineis proposed to thank Tomi for his long time commitment and for the good economy results.

2016 Budget Proposal 
Tomi let AGM know about Hank Stuart’s desire to retire from the Championship Coordinator job, although he is ready to fill any PRO position if needed. Hank has been with the class for ten years with the initial plan to end up with five years, he has been negotiated twice to continue and now his decision is final.  
Hank has been loyal and wonderful help for the class, he has been helping to renew the Regatta Regulations and the class is very much thankful for his commitment and will miss him. A Big Thank You, Hank! The position is available and Exec Comm will deal with this and we might hire two different persons both for Europe and US. Duncan Stamper announced that Jon Abel from Canada is interested in this position.

Jens emphasized the importance of having good people to organize big continental and intercontinental people to organize and run these events, and proposed to raise the fee of Championship Coordinator from 3,000 to 4,000 Euros especially if it will be split to two different persons. 
Talking about sponsorship options in the budget Jens proposed to call in a small group of people to work on the sponsorship and website/marketing issues. Michael S was sure there are lot of good options for many companies and these possibilities need to be offered and filled – to have for example Audi on the website. 
Brian Hutchinson (US) was interested to take part in this working group on marketing options. Tomi highlighted, that all the numbers in the Budget are including VAT and taxes.

2016 Budget Proposal included 5€ increase in full member affiliation fee and 5€ on sail label to secure our budget freezing these fees for at least two years now. 
Jens proposed a motion to increase affiliation fee by 5 (five) Euros, Michael Schineis seconded the motion. A voting was called and the motion was unanimously approved. Jens proposed a motion to increase sail royalty by 5 (five) Euros, Michael Schineis seconded the motion. A voting was called and the motion was unanimously approved.

IM24CA will express the wishes of Exec Comm not to increase the prices of sails as the class is promoting large events a lot all around the world to get the sails sold.
With this all said the Budget for 2016 was approved by the AGM. 

Marketing & Communications Report 
Treasurer Tomi Hakola gave the overview about the media report 2015.

All the numbers are looking very positive, no major changes in visitors’ geography. In total visitors have come from 182 countries (2014: 163) 
Although the total number of unique visitors at the website has been going down a bit, we have been very active in all common social media platforms increasing our exposure. New visits from the new nations mean that we have new customers on our website.  The browsers used for visiting webpage reflect that the world is more and more using for visiting iPads and iPhones and therefore there’s a need to update our webpage to the new and modern one. The usage of the mobile phones and iPad’s has been stable during past two years, but iPhone has been taking ground from iPad now.

Facebook World.of.Melges24 pages user numbers has been steadily growing: 
Started 4th of April 2012 with the so called page structure - Official Facebook page likes progress: 
AGM 2015 at 1,803 likes; AGM 2014 at 1,454 likes; AGM 2013 at 1,146 likes; AGM 2012 at 618 likes 
Demographically: 79% of our fans are men, but 66% reached were men (& 34% women) 44% are aged 25 – 44 year old. Visitors’ peak in 2015 was July 1st – first day of racing at the Worlds.

Video – YouTube numbers 
Here we have summed the total number of watched minutes by IM24CA and sportsXstream, who provided LiveStream and tracking at the Worlds in Denmark. All in all - 364 076 minutes watched +263% vs 2014! = 76 767 views in total (+32 900 views 15 vs 14). These numbers are remarkable! 

The overview to 2016 is superb. We have a really interesting boat / class and people in our hands. Content is king! People have the enthusiasm and especially the technology towards taking footage every day and sharing the footage online. Our superb footage has been done by the best professionals in the Worlds i.e. Zerogradinord, sportsXstream. The biggest challenge for 2016 & onwards is how to get the majority of the Melges 24 footage in one place – to IM24CA’s YouTube channel. It’s important from the marketing perspective.

Melges 24 class has all assets by numbers and platforms to attract the sponsors to our platforms. 
Miles Quinton had an idea to have more footage from all around having GoPro cameras onboard and sharing them with IM24CA, also the usage of the GoPro’s might be written into the Sailing Instructions at the big regattas for the media purposes. Duncan Stamper proposed to have GoPro cameras as the prizes of the regattas to encourage sailors to use them. Jens amended that IM24CA might end up of buying some of these cameras to use for our marketing and promotion. IM24CA should create a system and procedure how to collect and share the footages from the boats and sailors to share them via IM24CA’s YouTube.

Account started on June 28, 2009 and is growing every week steadily.  Followers 678 (2014: 532, 2013: 446); Tweets 2,320 (2014: 1,248, 2013: 980). It’s been linked to our Facebook page creating this way more tweets directly to Twitter. Twitter has most active usage at all major championships when communicating from the race course.

Account started late in 2014 and it’s been building up steadily. This is a very good channel for sharing photos quickly and it’s especially popular among younger people as the new target for the class. Followers 279, posts 130, there are over 2,200 posts under #melges24.

It’s important to have NCA’s to follow all IM24CA’s platforms.  Michael Schineis emphasized that all the platforms together is a great package for the targeted sponsors. If we are active on all these, it’s easy for the sponsors also notice us and consider the sponsorship either for the teams or for the class. 
Jens highlighted the idea to have group of people to work on marketing and media platforms ideas.

One example of the new way of promoting all the social media platforms to the website was presented – www.mariasharapova.com The class needs to go to the more modern way with the website and as we have huge amount of information to share from different social media platforms including all our amazing photos and videos, we need to go from the static website to the website which is alive and attractive. This way we can also attract the users to join our social media more easily. 
Thank you, Tomi – a big applause.

Members to the workgroup of marketing and sponsorship: Michael Schineis, Tomi Hakola, Brian Hutchinson, Miles Quinton.

7.       Technical Report 
Peter Göckel – The Chair of the Technical Committee made a summary about 2015 saying that all rule changes made in 2014 went smoothly and no negative feedback on this. European member Jan Schmidt reported the current situation about Europe.
USA did not have much to report from 2015 and Jan covered experience of Europe saying there are no big issues floating around. Rudder gudgeons have been made by the teams themselves keeping the performance of the boat high. Have been some complaints about the procedure of the measurement at the Worlds (sails measuring), but the notes have been taken and the procedure will be improved for the future. 

The gudgeon of NOR 732 was breaking during the Swedish Championship and the team lost its place on the podium. They have created a new one with a larger surface to hold the gudgeon and with four bolts instead of two. 
Jan Inge (NOR) – This topic has been raised so many times to the AGM and it’s on the table again. Norway has a proposal for the new version of the gudgeon with 4 bolts. It’s been tested and it has proved the stability and performance of the boat.

Jens ensured that this problem has been addressed to the builder for several times both from the association and from the private sailors and the class need to get a solution to this problem.
Warwick (AUS) – It’s been ongoing topic for many years. It’s a pity that it’s not solved yet properly, because there have been incidents all around the world. This part is not reliable and this is just unacceptable. 
Peter Göckel – It’s been proposed to change the rule since 2006 (since then the issue has been on the table) and as the rule has been changed 2014, everyone can have his own built gudgeon from different materials instead of the one coming from Zenda. But this is not the correct solution.

Luisa Bambozzi (Melges Europe) mediated the comment from Federico saying that the titanium gudgeons are too expensive. They were produced once for BluMoon (ITA) team, but not taken to the production because of its cost.

Jens said he will personally get the Head of Tech Comm to involve with this case to come up with the solution and not to let the members down. We shall provide a better solution to avoid such incidents. We have some professional drawings now and Peter will take from this point on to solve this with Melges PS.

Builder’s Report 
Luisa Bambozzi gave a short overview according to the Builder’s report created by Andy Burdick, President of the MPS  mentioning that 2015 was a successful year with ten new Melges24 boats built, many used boats have been dressed up and placed back on the water and the Melges 24 event attendance around the world has increased in numbers. The World Championship in Europe was outstanding and it brought a lot of attention to the boat and the class. This has helped sell new boats for sure. Leading into the World Championship in Miami MPS sees an increase in participation at regattas. There is a firm schedule in place for this Winter, Summer 2016 and then events leading up to the World Championship in Miami. MPS is thankful to the Melges Europe team and the others in the European Community that support and promote the Melges 24. This has been going on since 1993 and it is still very strong thanks to the many people involved.

Michael Schineis emphasized the importance of the service quality to the class by improving it the relations between the sailors, the class and Melges Europe will be much better.

Election Of Officers 
Vice Chairman Europe – Michael Schineis is stepping down from this position and Miles Quinton from UK has been nominated by the UK class to replace him. Miles was introduced to the AGM members and his CV was presented. A vote was called and Miles Quinton was elected unanimously (Canada abstain) to stand in to post of the Vice Chairman.

AGM was thanking Michael Schineis for the great years (2012-2015) and effort in the IM24CA’s Executive Committee – always being professional, the person having the big perspective outside the group with lot of contribution to the management of the class. Michael was awarded with a special Thank-You-gift – a piece of glass art by Agnes Torm / Klaasdisain.ee (EST). AGM and those on Skype were thanking Michael and wishing him good luck for the future and welcomed Miles Quinton in the Exec Comm.

Treasurer – Without any nominations for this position IM24CA would have been in a difficult position, but EGM gave as the possibility to continue of having the service of Tomi Hakola. His term has been overdue couple of times, but IM24CA’s new Constitution 5.3 enacts the following:  For the position of Treasurer, if no nominations for replacement at the term completion are forthcoming, World Council can extend the term on a year to year basis by majority vote. 
Jens as a Chairman having right to nominate the candidate from the floor, proposed Tomi Hakola to continue. A vote was called and Tomi Hakola was elected unanimously (Canada abstain) to continue in his post of the Treasurer (new title according to the new Constitution 5.1.).  
All were thanking Tomi for all his efforts and wishing him well onwards.

Asia Pacific memberWarwick Rooklyn is stepping down after his two years term in the Exec Comm. Kevin Nixon was nominated by the Australian Melges 24 Class Association to replace him. Kevin was introduced to the AGM members and his introduction written by Warwick was presented. A vote was called and Kevin Nixon was elected unanimously (Canada abstain) to stand in to post of the Member Asia Pacific in the Exec Comm of IM24CA. 
Jens, AGM and those on Skype were thanking Warwick and wishing him good luck for the future and welcomed Kevin Nixon in the Exec Comm of IM24CA. Warwick will be awarded with a special Thank-You-gift – a piece of glass art by Agnes Torm / Klaasdisain.ee (EST).

Technical Committee ChairPeter Göckel has been serving as the Tech Comm Chair for two terms and Executive Committee has nominated him to continue. A vote was called and Peter was elected unanimously (Canada abstain) to continue in his post as a Technical Committee Chair.

The list of Executive Committee members

National Class Association Submissions 
a. Finnish Class Proposal – Submission to change Class Rule C.5 – Withdrawn after the Tech Comm meeting of November 20  
After discussing it through at the Tech Comm, the Finnish Submission has been withdrawn from the table.

b. Swiss Class Proposal – Submission to change Class Rule C.5 - Withdrawn after the Tech Comm meeting of November 20 
After discussing it through at the Tech Comm, the Swiss Submission has been withdrawn from the table.

c. Norway Motions  
      i. To change the Life line attachment eye on stern rail -  Approved without any rule to change  
Reason: a) you don’t get it up your ass when working the boat downwind, AND life line attachment will be stronger;  b) Supplementary arguments: Minimal cost for existing and new boats.  
Jens Wathne proposed to call a vote seconded by Michael Schineis and it was supported by a majority in favour to approve.  
It was discussed and decided allowing of change the position of Life line attachment eye on stern rail to the other side of the arch with the precise description.  The solution will be added to the IM24CA webpage – Frequently Asked Questions - shortly with the drawings and explanation.

d. USMCA Motion A – Proposal to change Class Rule H.3 – Crew weigh-in process  – Rejected 
Discussion was held on the USMCA’s proposal to describe the crew weigh-in process in the Class Rules, where it was proposed to have the re-weigh-in of the all crews on the final day of racing. It was found that such rule will add more complications to the process than making it less complicate. Clothing issue was found not to be a general problem. Also, while defining a certain date for weighing only, we’d go back to the mode hold-on before and eat-all-you-can after, which we originally wanted to avoid with the current rule. 
Jens proposed to get voting on the submitted Motion and Michael Schineis seconded the motion.

A comment from Peter Göckel – In case all the crews will go through the re-weigh-in, it will take about two minutes per person and too much for the whole fleet. Jens made a comment that the current rule made it equal for all crews having the weigh-in before the event and a chance to be re-weighed during the regatta. At the same time USMCA proposes to weigh-in all the crews not just random crews. 
Jens Wathne proposed to call a vote seconded by Michael Good SUI and it was rejected by a majority in favour not to accept the rule change (60 vs 13).

The following proposal to change the Class Rule C.2.2 concerning H.3 from Tech Comm was discussed:

Existing Rule under C 2.2.

New Rule under C 2.2. to Read

At official International Melges 24 Class events as decreed by the International Melges 24 Class Association this rule shall be administered as per H.3


At official International Melges 24 Class events that shall be confirmed by IM24CA Executive Committee and listed on www.melges24.com by the latest 10th of January of each year. This rule shall be administered as per H.3 and stated in both in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. 

The aim is to make clear on which regattas H.3 will apply. 
Jens Wathne proposed to call a vote seconded by Tomi Hakola and it was accepted unanimously to accept the rule change (73 votes in favour).

e. Norway Motions
      ii. Rudder Gudgeon – To allow updated rudder gudgeon design with 4 additional M6 bolts –redefined motion approved (see below).  
Jan-Inge (NOR) was introducing the reasons for submitting this proposal:  
The gudgeon keep coming off the boats. The discussion has been up several times. Understanding that coming to a new construction takes time and money; why are boat owners not allowed to make stronger arrangements until a new solution is ready.  
a. Why? Unnecessary breakdowns for boats racing – being put out of the entire regatta series.  
b. Supplementary arguments: This is not a “performance addition” to the boats but rather a matter of being out there and have fun, versus having a break down. Also the new screws supplied on new boats are not sufficient. The gudgeon construction itself is too weak. Until sufficient solution is offered, boat owners shall be allowed to make own arrangements (see picture). And finally, why are boats allowed to use expensive customized copper solutions on rudder systems?  
c.    As boats age the transom of the M24 become softer and will be more exposed to the great loads from gudgeons and rudder straps. 

Solution: Updated rudder gudgeon design with 4 additional M6 bolts (one in each corner to help stabilize the gudgeon). 
+ Increased safety for sailors 
+ Minimal cost 
+ Less «downtime» during event

Peter Göckel – Surface of the gudgeon is too small to hold the tension and the area might get weak when a boat is getting older. Having now lots of older boats racing our biggest concern is how to keep them racing without breaking parts of the boat. One solution could be the bigger surface of the gudgeon. During the past year we got the digitalized drawings of the gudgeon and it might not be a problem for the engineers to draw a bigger surface of the gudgeon and more wholes for the additional bolts to this drawing. This kind of solution of the gudgeon does not change anything in the performance of the boat, but will make it safer and more secure. This is the proposal from Technical Committee for the discussion at the AGM. 
Tomi (FIN) - Allowing more bolts on the transom will be out of the one design ideology and the class can’t allow such custom made gudgeons-transoms.  Question – how large is the problem worldwide? 
Jan Inge (NOR) – We don’t know whether it can be influenced by the climate issues being frosted and defrosted couple of times in the year. Norway is supporting to have two different options of the gudgeon to keep it from breaking as Norwegian boats have had issues with this. 
Tomi (FIN) – Being at the Swedish Nationals myself I heard that it was not the problem of gudgeon but that one bolt was replaced with the new one which snapped there. 
Jens – Common wish is that we all want to have a stable and normal solution on this matter. 
Peter - In case we are having at least one injury, this is already too much and I do not want to see that as a Tech Comm member. 
Michael (SUI) - We have to live with the fact that machines and the materials can break and keeping in mind the fact of one-design we should live with it. 
Jan Inge (NOR) – This is the identified part of the boat which is failing and we can deal with this adding more surface and more bolts to the gudgeon. This solution has been tested on NOR400 and it’s working well for years already. Also Harry Melges has been involved into the discussions to have this solution. It’s about the number of bolts and two is not enough. 
Michael S (AUT) – There is a problem, for sure and we have been talking about for the years. Because of the stronger sailing and more sailing throughout the year the problem won’t go away just like that. This is the part of the process where we need to involve Melges PS and finding out which are the best solutions. Therefore I’m not very sure to solve the problem adding the drawings to the Class Rules only. We need to go on with the process like we did with the stanchions in the past. 
Jens – If AGM will vote against the motion, I will have it anyway on the table towards MPS to solve it. 
Miles (UK) – It could be an issue for the insurance as well and then this part needs to be certified. 
Tomi (FIN) – We have changed the rule few years ago allowing to have a metallic plate under the gudgeon to have a larger surface. 
Jan Inge (NOR) – The problem with the plate only is the small number of the bolts which do not hold firmly enough. Adding two more bolts we will lessen the load for these two current bolts and we will reduce the load to the boat itself. 
Duncan (CAN) – Having the new part for the boat we need it to be engineered with proper drawings like we did last year. 
Miles (UK) – This current Rule Change should be optional with the proper process to follow. We need to be aware of the chance ending up with the insurance case which needs proper certificate on the part. 
Jan Inge (NOR) – Current rule does not say anything how it should be done unless it should comply with the drawings. Producing something yourself leave you on your own. 
Jens – We would like to have a long-term solution, also valid for the insurance company, process made correctly, parts made by MPS or a certain manufacturer. In case AGM will vote against the existing motion, we will anyhow move forward towards MPS to find a proper and long-term solution.

Jens proposed a redefined motion to have an updated drawing of H.1 on page 29 in the Class Rules showing two optional designs/versions of the gudgeon. Motion was seconded by Michael Schineis. A vote was called and the motion was accepted unanimously (73 votes in favour).

All present AGM representatives found that the problem with the gudgeons this is a common ground of the class and needs a proper and long-term solution. 
After the drawings will be made, IM24CA will go to the MPS to have the proper solution on manufacturing the certificated gudgeons.

Tomi (FIN) – Who should accept the drawings themselves – EGM or Exec Comm? We need to keep in mind that ISAF needs to approve the class rule change with the new drawings.  Jens – The group of people will work on it to come up with new drawings to be presented for the EGM to be approved.  Duncan (CAN) offered himself to be involved in the process of having new drawings and Jan Inge suggested include also Kristian Nergaard NOR400 to this working group. Jens accepted these proposals to work with Peter Göckel as the Tech Comm Chair.

11. Proposed Rule Changes 
a.   Technical Committee Rule 5.1 change proposal – Approved with new wording  
Peter went through the proposal from Tech Comm and new wording of the rule. After the discussion the following proposal was made to change the wording:

Existing Rule

New Rule to Read

(1) One manual bilge pump
(2) One bucket of not less than 9ltr capacity, with a lanyard of minimum 1 metre.
(3) One anchor and chain combined of not less than 5 kg in weight and with the anchor of not less than 3.1kg
(4) One anchor line of not less than 40 m of line of not less than 8 mm in diameter
(5) Two main companionway hatches
(6) The engine tray carried under the engine. 

(1) Electronic or mechanical timing devices 
(2) Navigation lights, tactical and navigational instruments and their associated power sources. 
(3) Mooring lines 
(4) Cool/ice box 
(5) Bunk cushions and portable toilet. Cushions shall be on the bunks and the toilet stowed under the companionway step. 
(6) Protective bag for companionway hatches 
(7) The 6 hatches from the cabin ‘V’ berth/settees

C.5.1 FOR USE 
(1) One manual bilge pump or bailer minimum of 1 litre (2) One bucket of not less than 9ltr capacity, with a lanyard of minimum 1 metre.  
(3) One anchor and chain combined of not less than 5 kg in weight and with the anchor of not less than 3.1kg  
(4) One anchor line of not less than 40 m of line of not less than 8 mm in diameter  
(5) Two main companionway hatches  
(6) The engine tray carried under the engine. 

(1) Electronic or mechanical timing devices 
(2) Navigation lights, tactical and navigational instruments with associated transducers and power sources. 
(3) Mooring lines 
(4) Cool/ice box 
(5) Bunk cushions and portable toilet.


Jens proposed the motion on new wording seconded by Michael Schineis. A vote was called and the motion was accepted unanimously (73 votes in favour).

b. Technical Committee Rule 5.1 and 6.1. change proposal about hatches – withdrawn after the Tech Comm meeting of November 20

c. Chief Measurer's Rule C 8.2.a change proposal - withdrawn after the Tech Comm meeting of November 20

12. Proposed Changes To Class Constitution 
Covered with Chairman’s report above and EGM Minutes from November 6th – re approving New Constitution and ratified by ISAF on November 18th and being uploaded to the website.

Future Events – Current Situation 
a. 2016 Europeans in Hyeres, France – September 2-9 
Report by Regis Berenguier – head of organization authority, COYCH  Jens went through the report by Regis announcing that event’s website http://melges24.com/europeans2016/ has been launched and online entry is open. NOR will be published soon. Jens invited all NCA’s and sailors actively to register. There is an online payment option available as well. More detailed information from the report above.  All in all the organizing process is going well and we are content with it.

 b. 2016 Worlds in Miami, USA – November 26 – December 3 
Report by Petey Crawford – head of organization authority, MYC  Jens has been quite often in contact with Petey Crawford and made a short summary of Petey’s report. An Invitational regatta in Miami is going on this weekend and attending sailors have been reporting to him directly about the issues there to have the best championship. There are lot of activities going on to make this event successful: Chair of the sponsorship relations have been hired; a campaign called “Pimp my ride” has been announced to get the whole lift up to one older US based registering and paying boats. Idea is to have 3-4 episodes of pimp to let people know how they could pimp their boats in the future, as the boat’s performance is still great. At the same time this is setting a marketing place for the sponsors. The list of available charter boats has been managed by Brian Hutchinson and uploaded to the website. Webpage is launched using the registering through the Yachtscoring. Miami Yacht Club is managing docking issues there, and the club has a manager of housing – Chris Kalinski. PRO Anderson Reggio has been confirmed and he is building his team for the event. We are starting the regular meetings with MYC.

IM24CA needs to move forward in finding new Championship Coordinators (US&EUR) to step into the Hank Stuart’ shoes. We need support the organizers.

c. 2017 Worlds in Helsinki, Finland – July 
Tomi Hakola made a brief summary on the process of the organizing while still two years to go. The organizers have got a deal with FinnLines to make coming to Finland much easier even in 2016 already. Direct line operates from Travemünde to Helsinki and there will be 40-50% discount on normal prices. Via Baltica has been approving well during couple of past years making easy to get from Tallinn to Helsinki with a Tallink/Silja fast ferries (2 hrs). Tallink/Silja operates with bigger ships also between Stockholm and Helsinki. There is under the negotiations the deal with the accommodation partner Holiday Inn, 2.5 km from the harbour. But there will be other cheaper options available at negotiated prices as well in Helsinki downtown (3 km from Harbour). Club has been very closely working with the City of Helsinki for many years and they will either set up the charter buses between the hotels and harbour or give free access to the public transportation for all the sailors. There are direct lines from the harbour to the downtown. 
Harbour has been constantly tuned up but for the Worlds the special plan is to have a big tent and sponsor village closer to each other making it more complex and convenient both for the sailors and partners. All boats will fit into two pontoons with +80 boats. Facebook page has been up and running and the website will be under melges24.com. Everything is in full swing and well under the control. Two years before the event the Jury has been confirmed and so is PRO – Timo Mustakallio (the only and well respected only IRO in Finland). 

Future Events – proposals & decisions 
Jens took an opportunity to thank the Danish hosts of the 2015 Melges 24 World Championship in Middelfart. It was a big championship and a big step ahead for the class in numbers. Media coverage was of the world class and it was a success for IM24CA. Jens thanked Danish Melges 24 Class for the event!

a. 2016 European Sailing Series  (ESS 2016) 
The bidding process of the 2016 European Sailing Series was launched in June 2015. IM24CA received 10 (ten) bids to host an event. The list of bids received
Background: thinking of the 2016 events we need to keep in mind the big events of the season, logistics and other events nearby. Based on this information and some suggestions of the sailors an initial draft of the series was made. Jens went through the list of bids. The class does not have any regulations at the moment how to proceed with choosing the events and how many of them there should be. The idea is to create these rules for the next year. Idea is to improve the entry numbers of the events avoiding any clash or bad timing of the events.

Proposed draft of the ESS 2016: 
April 1-3 or March 18-20 – Portoroz, Slovenia – Joint event with Italian Class 
May 26-29 – Kammersee Segelclub, Attersee,  Austria 
June 23-26 – Kiel Week, Germany 
July 15-17 – Riva del Garda, Italy – Joint event with Italian Class 
Sept 2-9 – Melges 24 Europeans in Hyeres, France 
Sept 16-18 Medemblik, the Netherland or Oct 7-9 Luino, Italy – Joint event with Italian Class

Some comments from the discussion and on the proposed draft: 
Andrea (ITA) – Idea is to improve the numbers for the Italian class events.  Italian series 2016 will have 4 events altogether. 
Michael T (GER) – German class would be happy with this proposal. 
Jan Inge (NOR) – No events in Scandinavia based on this vision. Norway would like to host an event during Hanko Race Week. Kiel has been part of the ESS twice already. There is a strong competition with J70 class in Norway and it would be a good opportunity to show that the Melges 24 class is strong in Norway. As the second biggest class in Europe it would be great to be recognized by IM24CA to host the event. 
Michael S (AUT) – It’s great to see Italian class and IM24CA having such communication to create better series. 
Tomi (FIN) – I’m supporting Jan Inge’s idea to have one event in Scandinavia. In 2014 when Finland got the Worlds 2017, it was kicked out from the series as Medemblik got the event with a promise to have this chance for 2016. 
Michael G (SUI) – We have the issue either with Medemblik or Luino. Medemblik is too close to the Europeans. 
Andrea (ITA) – On the way back home leaving Hyeres the boats can be left to Luino. Confirmed with Luino. 
Jan Schmidt – Kiel is a good location for many nations. From media perspective is a very good choice as well.

Jens proposed a motion if to have 6 (six) events in the series. Michael Schineis seconded the motion. A vote was called and the motion was approved with a majority in favour. 
Jens proposed a motion to vote on the events, Michael Schineis seconded it. 
First two votes were called and Portoroz and Attersee were approved with a majority in favour. Voting for Kiel ended up with 22 votes out of 73 in favour of Kiel. Voting for Hanko ended up with 16 out of 73 in favour of Hanko making Kiel Week as approved event. Riva was approved with a majority in favour. Voting for Medemblik ended up with no votes in favour and Luino was approved with a majority in favour.

The following events were confirmed for the 2016 European Sailing Series 
1. April 1-3 – Portoroz, Slovenia 
2. May 26-29? – Kammersee Segelclub, Attersee, Austria (Michael Schineis will check a chance to move the event one week later). 
3. June 23-26 – Kiel Week, Germany 
4. July 15-17 – Riva del Garda, Italy 
5. Sept 2-9 – Melges 24 Europeans in Hyeres, France 
6. October 7-9 – Luino, Italy

IM24CA needs to negotiate all the details of the communication of the common events with the Audi tron Sailing Series. Also the sponsorship issues need to be agreed in case ESS will get the sponsor.

 b. 2017 North Americans – the dates need to determined avoiding clash with the Worlds 2017 
Proposal to host the event by Columbia Gorge Racing Association, USA - BID  Duncan (CAN) is strongly suggesting the venue having sailed there a lot. The club is wonderful and very well organised, also very experienced with the large events.  Conditions are excellent for sailing as well as the river is very wide. Facilities and space ashore are big enough for the large events.
Jens proposed a motion to vote, Duncan seconded the motion. A vote was called and it was approved unanimously in favour.

c. 2018 Worlds – May 31 – June 8 TBD 
Proposal from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Canada - BID Duncan Stamper presented Canadian bid highlighting all good points in favour of the venue and the club. Dates have been chosen carefully not to clash with the large events in the area. Charter boats availability together with Brian Hutchinson will be found out. 
Tomi (FIN) – Why in Victoria which is on the island and not in Vancouver? 
Duncan – Vancouver does not have such a high-quality venue and conditions. USMCA is very much behind and in favour this venue. We are targeting 70-100+ boats. Place is unique to come, fleet is definitely growing in West Coast promoting the class and locally we easily achieve up to 60 boats and adding boats from the East 70 boats will be the worse number, but it’s about promoting and we can’t see the problem in the number of entries. Funding options look great as well. USMCA is supporting our bid strongly and they won’t come up with another bid for the event. 
Jens proposed a motion to vote, Michael Schineis seconded the motion. A vote was called and it was approved with a majority in favour.

d. 2018 Europeans 
Two bids received – Riva del Garda, Italy & Kiel, Germany
Felix Weidling from Kieler Yacht Club presented the bid to host Melges 24 Europeans 2018. (Hamburg referendum on November 29 voted against bidding to host the 2024 Olympics, leaving Kiel without the Olympic Regatta as well).Felix highlighted their large experience with big events, media coverage and sponsorship management. The schedule of the event in the bid is flexible and TBD. 
Andrea Rachelli presented the bid on behalf of the club Fraglia Vela Riva in Riva del Garda. Riva del Garda is very well known for the Melges 24 sailors. The lake is a perfect sailing venue and the dates proposed are in the first part of September. The club is very professional in organizing the large events and Melges 24 class is very well known for them.
Jens put the motion on the table for voting, Slovenia seconded the motion. 
First vote was called to vote for Kiel – 19 votes out of 73 
Second vote was called to vote for Riva del Garda – 40 votes out of 73 
Riva del Garda got the rights to host the Europeans 2018 with 40 votes out of 73.

Jan Inge (NOR) made a proposal to Kiel to present a bid of the Worlds 2019 at the next year’ AGM

Any Other Business   
a. GAC Pindar – presentation by Diogo Dinze  - Jens introduced Diogo Dinze, Key Account Manager at the GAC Pindar. The company has made a shipping proposal for the 2016 Miami Worlds to ship the boats from all around the world.  This proposal has been published on the IM24CA webpage. For the IM24CA the idea is to have an entrusted partner for the future with a chance to negotiate the sponsorship options as well.  
Diogo thanked for the opportunity to be there and to speak to the Melges 24 class sailors. He made a short presentation on the company he is representing. GAC Pindar is a global provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services. As official logistics provider for the series, GAC Pindar is responsible for every aspect of logistics provision, including transportation of all of the Extreme 40 boats that participate in the global series between the multiple locations on the event calendar.  
Diogo mentioned that the prices in this proposal is not final. Every single request will be responded separately with the relevant price offer. The price will change if there are more boats together to be shipped and transported. 
Diogo’s suggestion was to use a very professional company who used to deal with the boats in case you are not using GAC Pindar, because he’s aware they are not the only ones to do that.  
To contact Diogo Dinze for the additional questions please contact Diogo.diniz@gac.com ; Skype diogo_diniz-papillon

b. sportsXstream – presentation by David Fleischer, CEO 
David thanked for an opportunity to be there and mentioned recognizing few people from the Worlds in Middelfart. Tomi mentioned the numbers presented in the Marketing report which summed up the statistics of the watched minutes of LiveStream, tracking and videos including the minutes of sportsXstream. As sportsXstream was working for the Nordic TV during the Worlds, Tomi asked to give us the coverage of the Worlds IM24CA was not aware of. David introduced their way and package of working including tracking, livestream with commentaries, aerial footages etc which is their concept – all in one. sportsXstream is very much interested to negotiate a proposal for the 2016 Europeans in Hyeres to be a partner to provide the content with IM24CA’s media team for the event. 
Jens was thanking sportsXstream for the great job in Middelfart together with IM24CA people and hoping this co-operation to continue. David highlighted the very high statistics number which can be a great asset talking with the company like GAC Pindar on partnership/sponsorship issues. 
David mentioned to be interested to agree on the deals in advance to avoid any clash with the sponsors who might be interested to be presented on the screen during the livestream. 
The need to have the sponsors exposed on the tracking screen was discussed – for example ORC Europeans in Estonia had the following exposure http://sportrec.eu/ui/#1asm442  / http://www.sportrec.eu/?page_id=714 
Negotiations to cover the future events of the class together with IM24CA’s media group will continue to work out the best solution for that.

16.   Date and venue of Next Meeting 
It was proposed by USMCA to have AGM during the Worlds in Miami, but the class has been decided in the past not to mix these two important events, as too much work with both of them. The next meeting was proposed to be taken place in Amsterdam area, the Netherlands on November 5th.. To be confirmed.